Nicola had a nomadic childhood, living on four continents by the age of eight. Her visual style can be described as ‘an elegant slice of life, filled with humanity’. It is the magic that happens when you are in tune with the story which feeds Nicola’s work and motivates her as an intuitive and emotive Cinematographer. 

Nicola’s latest feature ‘Pin Cushion’ opened Critics Week at the 2017 Venice Film Festival, directed by Deborah Haywood and starring Joanna Scanlon. The film has been nominated for three BIFA awards. 

In 2003 Nicola was accepted into the prestigious Australian Film, TV and Radio School to study an MA in Cinematography, where she trained on film.  For two consecutive years Nicola has been nominated for Best Cinematography in a Documentary by the Australian Academy of Cinema and TV Arts (Australian BAFTA) awards. She also worked on the 2006 Academy Award nominated short 'The Saviour'.  

Since then she has shot in some of the most talked about locations on earth, including North Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2014 Nicola was only the 8th woman in Australian history to be accredited into the Australian Society of Cinematographers. Nicola has shot a Netflix feature length drama documentary about the famous shoe designer Manolo Blahnik starring Rhianna,  Anna Winter, and Naomi Campbell, called ‘Manolo; the Man who Made Shoes for Lizards’. Nicola is currently working in TV, she has shot season 2 of ‘The Letdown’ for Netflix, season 3 of ‘Harlots’ for Hulu, and season 1 of ‘Paradise Lost’ for Paramount starring Nick Nolte and Josh Hartnett.

Based in London, Nicola is available for work worldwide.



Member of BAFTA since 2018

Chosen for WFTV UK Mentor scheme 2015

2014 Only the 8th woman in Australian history to be Accredited by the Australian Cinematographers' Society

2014 Australian Cinematographers' Society NSW Gold Award 'I am Emmanuel' - short drama

2012 Selected to attend the Berlinale Talent Campus

2011 World of Women Festival Award for Best Cinematographer 'Cockroach'

2010 ACS NSW Gold 'Cockroach' - short drama

2010 ACS NSW Silver 'Wall Boy' - short drama

2010 World of Women Festival Award for Best Cinematographer 'The Party Shoes' 

2009 FujiFilm Flickerfest Award for Best Cinematography 'Play'

2009 ACS NSW Silver 'The Party Shoes' - short drama

2009 ACS NSW Silver 'Death in The Garden' - short drama

2007 ACS NSW Bronze 'Play - short drama

2007 ACS NSW Bronze 'Emergency, Emergency: The Hot lies' - music video

2007 'The Saviour' - nominated for an Academy Award for short film

2006 ACS Bronze 'Sony Tropfest Trailer' - Commercials

2006 ACS National Award for Best Student Cinematographer 'Debut' - short drama

2006 ACS National Award of Distinction 'Crooked Mick' - short drama

2005 'The Saviour' nominated for an Academy Award in Short live action

2005 ACS NSW Gold 'Debut' - short drama

2005 ACS NSW Gold 'Crooked Mick' - short drama

2005 ACS NSW Bronze 'Open: Break your Heart' - music video

2005 AFTRS High Achievement Award in Cinematography

2005 'Australian Summer' - winner of Tropfest Australia

2004 ACS NSW Gold - 'Late Shift' - short drama



'Pin Cushion' - 2016 Dir: Deborah Haywood - Arri Alexa XT (in post-prod)

'Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards' - 2016 -Dir: Michael Roberts - Arri Amira (in post-prod)

'Black & White & Sex' - 2012 -  All at Once/Wintertime Prods/Dir: John Winter - RED

'Thirst' - 2011  - Imagine Films/Dir: Robert Carter - RED

'Girl Clock' - 2008 - Elephant Girl Prods/Dir: Jennifer Ussi - HD



'Holy Cannelloni' - 2018 - Dir: Carolina Giammetti - Arri Mini

'Londonstani' - 2018 - Dir: Nirpal Bhogal - Arri Mini Anamorphic 

'Smear' - 2017 - Dir: Kate Herron - Arri Mini

'Prince of Denmark' - 2016 - Dirs: Alex Kirkland and Rob Rafalat - Arri Mini Anamorphic

Sky Arts Christmas Shorts - 2015 - Dir: Dave Lambert - Baby Cow Prods. - Amira

'Pregnant Pause' - 2015 - Dir: Alice Seabright - Arri Mini 

'F*ck it' - 2014 - Dir: Destiny Ekaragha - Alexa

'Memorias' - 2014 - Dir: Bertie, Producer: Big Balls Films - Red Epic

'I am Emmanuel' - 2013 - Dir: Genevieve Clay - Alexa

'Vote Yes' - 2013 - Dir: Nick Waterman - Alexa

'Cockroach' - 2010 - Dir: Luke Eve - RED

'The Bind' - 2010 - Dir: Michael Chrisoulakis - Genesis

'The Party Shoes' - 2009 - Screen Australia - Dir: Michelle Blanchard - Super 16mm

'Play' - 2007 - Screen Australia - Dir: Ben West - Varicam

'Australian Summer' - 2005 - winner of Tropfest Australia - Dir: Luke Eve - Super 16mm

'The Saviour' - 2004 - Academy Award nominated - Dir: Peter Templeman - 35mm

'Debut' - 2004 -  Dir: Ben West - 35mm

'Crooked Mick' - 2004 -  Dir: Phil Smith - Varicam



Numerous commercials for productions companies including Dazed and Confused White Label, Kode, Missing Link, as well as many leading Australian companies.